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EcoSpace Engineering Ltd. proudly introduces the MILINATOR system, a new patented recycling technology, which utilizes insect larvae to process organic waste. This process was first developed for small scale use on interplanetary space ships, but has now been adapted for the large scale processing of raw manure, generated on industrialized animal and poultry farms.

No chemicals are used in this process, no residue is left to be disposed of, and no raw manure is ever exposed to the outside environment. The entire process lasts only 4 (four) days, transforming raw manure into very rich and stable Organic Fertilizer named CYCLORGANIC and protein-rich Animal Feed. The end products are pathogen free, because the fly larvae kill pathogens on contact and feed on E-coli & Salmonella bacteria, eliminating a repeat of the Walkerton Disaster and food contamination.

MILINATOR technology simultaneously solves the growing issues of animal waste disposal, demand for protein-rich Animal Feed, and growing demand for Organic Fertilizers. Also, there is no air & water pollution, no fly infestation and no acrid smell coming from the decomposing raw manure. The process is so fast, leaving no time for decomposition process and hatching of the flies.

The use of MILINATOR technology would make animal farming an ecologically friendly and sustainable industry, with a huge positive impact on the environment. The MILINATOR technology is “The Environmentalist’s Dream Come True”. It does not “Reduces” pollution from Manure Management, it “Eliminates” it. Since the idea for MILINATOR comes from Interplanetary Space Travel Project,

“The sky is not the limit”


The MILINATOR story, by inventor Ivan Milin, President


During the communist era in Soviet Russia, there was a space project called “Trip to Mars”. After the fall of communism, the “Trip to Mars” project was discontinued and some of the details became available to certain members of the scientific community and thus came to my attention.

I was especially interested in the process of total recycling of human and animal feces that had to be used within the spaceship’s completely self-contained eco-system. This process involved the use of fly larvae and lasted only 6 days and the recycling was total. All of the products were useful and no byproducts were generated to pollute the spaceship’s eco-system.

This environmentally friendly recycling process would transform feces and other organic waste into rich organic fertilizer for the oxygen producing vegetation and protein-rich larvae and pupae, which would be used to feed the animals and poultry, raised on the spaceship.

I was fascinated by the possibilities that this natural recycling process could hold, so I took it upon myself to industrialize it and adapt it to solving our earthly problems.


We humans, the most constructive and the most destructive creatures on this planet, have industrialized the natural process of production of animals and made it very profitable. However, we failed to successfully industrialize the non-profitable portion of that natural cycle. We failed to industrialize the process of recycling the mountains of raw manure generated daily on our huge animal and poultry farming facilities. According to a report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the livestock sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, planes and ships (transport industry) combined:


As far as the large scale farming of animals and poultry is concerned, the solution is obvious. We have industrialized the production of animals, so we have to industrialize the recycling of their wastes as well. Only then will we close the natural cycle, restore the balance in our environment, and have a sustainable meat producing industry.

Using my engineering background and experience, I have adapted this natural recycling process for large-scale industrial application, suitable for use on modern animal & poultry farming facilities. A good friend nicknamed the process MILINATOR and the name stuck.

A considerable amount of time was spent making the MILINATOR technology profitable, because I believe this is the best way to secure its acceptance by our profit-driven industry. Any profitable technology would gladly be utilized by both industrialized and developing nations, especially if the ecological benefits are so extensive. I strongly believe that:



Properly developed, this industrialized processing of raw manure into the protein-rich animal feed and high quality organic fertilizer will simultaneously solve the growing problems of animal waste disposal, the demand for animal feed, and the ever-growing demand for organic fertilizer. Also, there would be no air, water, or soil pollution due to the decomposition of raw manure. The process is completed in only 4 days, before any substantial decomposition can take place.

This environmentally friendly process has the potential to become a superior and sustainable solution for a very large portion of the Earth’s pollution problems. Properly developed, the MILINATOR technology could completely eliminate all the problems associated with animal, poultry, and human manure, generated on our animal and poultry farming facilities and in our cities.

The MILINATOR process could easily be used to recycle any other organic waste, transforming one of the worst polluters into environmentally friendly and sustainable industries.


At the present, a small size (200 Kg. of raw manure per day) prototype was built at Guelph University Research station and it is fully operational since 2010. Many tests were conducted and valuable data was collected from during the 2 years operation. The collected data would be used to improve the design of the next, industrial size pilot plant.

Our future plans are to set up a small pilot plant (2 to 5 Tons of raw manure per day), preferably in Canada and use it to adjust production parameters to achieve maximum efficiency. Also, the plant would be used for training personnel, who would then be capable of spreading this environmentally friendly technology around the globe.

MILINATOR Technologies Inc. has made arrangements with the reputable engineering firm Walinga Inc. from Guelph, Ontario (www.walinga.com), the goal is to set up manufacturing facilities here in Ontario, capable of producing turnkey processing plants based on the MILINATOR technology, which would then be set up beside every meat and egg producing facility.

We strongly believe that any nation and any industry would gladly adopt this technology, because it is environmentally friendly, clean, efficient and most of all profitable.




  • MILINATOR recycling process is continuous and very fast, lasting only 4 days.
  • Products of MILINATOR process are nutrient rich Organic Fertilizer, named CYCLORGANIC and Protein-rich Feed.
  • The obtained Organic CYCLORGANIC Fertilizer is stable and will not disintegrate in storage or on the field.
  • Extremely fast protein production. Larvae grow 300 times during the cycle of this process. 8lb of fly eggs become 1 Ton of protein rich larvae in less then a week.
  • Larvae kill pathogens and feed on Salmonella and E.Coli bacteria, making final products virtually pathogen free and safer for organic farming.
  • Larvae, natural food for poultry, fish, pigs and others, makes a perfect protein-rich feed supplement.
  • CYCLORGANIC fertilizer does not kill the beneficial Maycorrhizal fungi in the soil.
  • MILINATOR process is easily scalable and has no limits on daily capacity.
  • MILINATOR technology would create industrial jobs in rural areas.


  • No artificially made chemicals are used in MILINATOR technology.
  • Eliminates emission of decomposition gases associated with global warming, acid rain, depletion of ozone layer and health problems.
  • Use of MILINATOR process eliminates the acrid smell of decomposing raw manure, that meat and egg farms are known for.
  • Eliminates fly infestation and use of pesticides for fly control.
  • The recycling in MILINATOR process is total, no residue is generated for disposal.
  • Raw material for production is a renewable resource, unlike for artificial fertilizers.
  • MILINATOR technology recycles naturally-existing usable Nitrogen. Introduction of man-made usable nitrogen from artificial fertilizers is one of the biggest causes of global warming.
  • Produced fertilizer and feed would be used in the same region where it was produced.
  • No long distance shipping of fertilizer or feed. Both the environment and economy would benefit from the MILINATOR technology.
  • Canadian Carbon Quota would be easier to meet with MILINATOR technology.


  • Eliminates the losses of nutrients from manure.
  • Fly larvae produce and add yet unknown benficial substances to the fertilizer that unlocks the maximum potencial for growth, flavor and resiliance of the plants
  • MILINATOR process does not create any byproducts for disposal, only water is lost in the process.
  • Farmers using the products of MILINATOR technology could qualify to become Organic Farmers.
  • Eliminates the need for building storage facilities or lagoons for raw manure.
  • Eliminates the need for extra land for manure spreading.
  • Eliminates the need for highly specialized manure spreading equipment.
  • Chickens fed with fly larvae do not lose feathers, do not pick each other and they develop natural immunity.
  • MILINATOR process is extremely carbon negative and the sale of carbon credits would bring extra income.
  • MILINATOR technology makes meat and egg producing industries environmentally friendly.
  • MILINATOR technology would be welcome by everyone, including farmers, the government and the general public, especially neighbours. (click to see endorsements from different organizations and individuals).


  • No known disadvantages at all.


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