Endorsement Letters

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University of Guelph, Professor Dr. Michael Dixon.

Poultry Industry Council, Mr. Tim Nelson, Executive Director.

University of Guelph, Professor Dr. Youbin Zheng.

Egg Farmers Ontario, Mr. Harry Pelissero, General Manager.

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Hugh W. Fraser, MSc., P. Eng.

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Mr. Gord Miller.

China Foundation for Desertification Control, Mr. Leon Hui, CEO.

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Ron Lackey, Feed Specialists.

Ontario Centres of Excellence, Dr. James Doran, Business Development Manager

BioEnterprice Corp. Mr. Doug Knox, VP Technology.

BioteCanada, Dr. Mejda Benali Lortie, Director, Agricultural Policy.

Association of Professional Engineers, Mr. Otto Zander, P, Eng., Chairman.

Reeves Nursery, Mr. Bob Reeves, Owner.

Bittman Executive Services Inc., Mr., Roman Bittman, President.

Clean Energy Services Beijing, China, Mr. Scott Lamont, CEO.

Carbon Renewable Consortium, USA, Mr. Otis Winfield, Director.

Candlebrook Capital Corp., Mr. Alexander C. Logie, CEO.

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